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Through collaborative academic and industrial efforts, Telefactor Robotics is developing and demonstrating a continuum of advanced robotic system technologies. These range from advanced remote vision system and display technologies to manipulation technologies providing for increasingly dexterous near-anthropomorphic end effectors for grasping and manipulation. The Company is introducing a family of new robotic manipulation technologies based upon fully integrated electromechanical motor drives that leap beyond the emerging first generation integrated drive systems to incorporate new levels of active impedance control and variable compliance for wrist and upper limb joint actuation. Each of these devices incorporates provisions for conformal grasping and utilizes innovative variable compliance to improve interactions with the environment during remote operations.

From research to field readiness, Telefactor Robotics is working in close collaboration with government, academic and industry partners to integrate these new capabilities within the existing families of mobile robotics platforms. This ensures that any new developments are consistent with the open architecture and standard interface goals of current government initiatives, including the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Demolition Robotic System (AEODRS) program.